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September 2017
Tovedo was ranked among the 5% best companies in Croatia this year

In today's over-competitive environment it's getting hard to maintain good results and market position therefore we're pleased to announce that this year we are listed in 5% of the top companies in Croatia, which is confirmed by the internationally recognized Certification of Prudential Excellence. We comply with all the strict financial and analytical criteria according to the unique methodology for the entire Europe and have gained recognition, which is a great reference to being a safe, reputable and desirable partner.

June 2017
We are proud of our participation in the SOS Kinderdorf Croatia Campaign!

SOS Children's Villages takes care of children without parents or appropriate care regardless of their racial, national or religious affiliation.

The children grow up with love and security in a family environment. They are provided with a permanent home and education so that they can live a happy and peaceful childhood.

In honor of the 25th anniversary of SOS Children's Villages Croatia, the campaign "Be proud of yourself" which is represented by the faces of the young, successful and independent people who grew up in the SOS Children's Village. The campaign aims to send a message that everyone is proud of the environment from which they started and that they are just as proud of the person to whom they have become.

Tovedo has recognized the importance of this initiative and we can proudly say that we have supported this positive campaign with a donation of our brands T-Shirts from Stedman.

January 2016
New Stedman textiles pricelist

As from January, 21st, 2016 the new Stedman textiles price list is in use and available for download on our website here. Upon your request it can be sent to you by e-mail.

Moreover, the Stedman catalog for the year 2016 is also available.

Prices for items from our other catalogues will be updated during January and February. The new price lists will be available on our website.

October 2015
The Tovedo kat@logo 2015-2016 available

The latest Tovedo kat@logo 2015-2016 is already available, as well as vast number of novelties in our showroom, and/or on stock. For those who can not wait to get it in a regular mailing, please click here and your copy will be sent as soon as possible.

September 2015
New brand - Regatta

Regatta is a new brand in our textiles offer. The products are among the most popular on the market of casual and sports clothes including fleece and softshell jackets, winter jackets and pants. Clothing is of exceptional quality, affordable, durable and suitable for heavy duty. Part of the offer will be presented in our new catalog which will soon be available.

More about the products on:

Samples of selected models are available in our showroom. For further questions please contact our sales department.

February 2015
Donations and sponsorships

As we have done so far, this year we will continue contributing to wider community through donations and sponsorships.

We are able to donate some of our selected products but not the money. Products in terms of our own sales program which we have chosen and specified for this purpose.

With the support of our external associates, we are also able to provide free print on selected articles.

Once the application for the donation or sponsorship is approved by Tovedo d.o.o., the user will be given instructions on further procedure of realisation and the predicted amount. Requests for donations and sponsorships are received throughout the year, until the predicted budget is spent. Donations are primarily intended for humanitarian needs, care for children, people with disabilities, seniors, sports and promotion of culture.

You can send your requests for donations/sponsorships to iva ath tovedo doth eu.

+385 1 2958 111

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